Technical Skills
Technical Skills
  • DATA logger

    DATA logger

    This instrument can measure long time data logging. 

    EX) Battery play time test. Battery charge time and voltage , charge current logging.

    Manufacturer: GRAPHTEC (Japan)

    Model Number: GL240

    Other SPEC: 10 channel

  • Thermography


    This instrument can measure IC and Coil electrical parts temperature rise.

    Manufacturer: ThermaCAM(Sweden)

    Model Number: E series

    Other SPEC: 2.8 TFT screen

  • EMC chamber

    EMC chamber

    This measuring instrument can be pre-measured by EMI/EMC.

    It's currently under construction on the 3rd floor. It’s scheduled to be completed in two months after.

  • Other instruments

    Other instruments

    Normal speed oscilloscope x3

    Frequency counter x1

    DC power supply x5

    Digital multi mater x5

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