Technical Skills
Technical Skills
  • APX525 Audio Precision

    APX525 Audio Precision

    The APx525 Spec:

    1.It  is a two channel audio analyzer and can do audio test.

    2.It has two balanced and two unbalanced analog inputs and outputs plus 192K digital inputs and outputs via AES/EBU, TOSLINK and SPDIF

    Manufacturer: USA AP

    Model Number: APX525

  • Headphone/Hearing-protector Test fixture

    Headphone/Hearing-protector Test fixture

    The test fixture provides the basis for reliable and accurate measurements and has been designed with a test fixture mounted on an elastic base that minimizes noise flooring in typical test situations.

    Manufacturer: USA GRAS

    Model Number: GRAS 45CA

    Serial number: 409802

  • Listen SoundCheck

    Listen SoundCheck

    This measuring instrument is that calibrated for SoundCheck 

    Spec:RME Fireface UC - 8-channel, USB audio interface, 24-bit, 192kHz. ADAT, SPDF,Headphone.

    Manufacturer: USA LISTENINC

    Model Number: 5360


    1.soundcheck  software *1 

    2.5900 Cable Kit, 1/4" sound card and 1/4" amp*2

    3.5901 Cable Kit, 1/4" sound card and RCA amp*2

    4.5904 Cable Kit, 1/4" Balanced sound card and amp*2

    5.4060 SC Amp - 35 Watt Audio Test Amplifier

  • GRAS CCP Ear Simulator Kit

    GRAS CCP Ear Simulator Kit

    CCP Ear Simulator Kit  is a complete test jig for acoustical measurements on telephone handsets and earphones in accordance with:

    1.IEC60318-1 & -2 Electroacoustics – Simulators of human head and ear – Part 1: Ear simulator for the calibration of supraaural earphones, 1998-07

    2.ITU-T Recommendation P.57 (08/96) Series P: Telephone transmission Quality, Objective measuring apparatus: Artificial Ears.

    Connection: 0 V/CCP

    Volume: Complex

    Dyn range: 25 dB(A) to 150 dB

    ANSI: S3.7

    Manufacturer : US GRAS

    Model Number:G43AA-S2

  • The KEMAR head and torso simulator

    The KEMAR head and torso simulator

    Special feature: 

    1.Built-in mouth simulator and power amplifier

    2.It meets the international standards as specified by IEC: 60318-7 and ANSI: S3.36, S3.25 and is based on ITU-T P 58.

    Manufacturer : US GRAS

    Model Number: GRAS 45BC      

    Serial number : 407286