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Soundbar product range Soundbar product range
Soundbar product range

DSP Audio decoding ▏Qualcomm CSR DSP is adopted
Dolby True-HD, DTS-HD master Audio Video decoding ▏HDMI2.0, 4K, HDR10, ISO, BDMV
CPU ▏Realtek1296
Cortex-A53 64 core is adopted 
Graphics processor T820
Input ▏USB3.0 connector, HDMI2.0 x 2 inputs
HDMI2.0 output(support ARC CEC)
Optical input, 3.5mm input
The built-in hard disk ▏SATA III 2.5" Drawer type hard
disk storage capacity expansion wireless tranmission ▏
2.4G/5G Dual-band, WIFI, Bluetooth 4.0
AWLT(wireless nondestructive transmission technology)
Wireless extension ▏It can be extended up to 5.1 MAX
Amp power 225W
Tweeter 1" x 3pcs
Woofer 3" x 4pcs
SPL 80-20000Hz

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