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2019~2020 Year

Invest in headphones R&D and production facilities. Enter into Luxury Audio and Automotive speaker driver manufacturing

2016~2018 Year

Enter into Mid-end Wireless consumer with  products.

Employee 1000, sales Revenue US$55 millions

2014 Year

Invest into Studio monitor driver and system manufacturing.

Employee 700, sales Revenue US$35 millions

2012 Year

Consolidate Driver and cabinet fabrication to new factory

2011 Year

Invest RMB150 millions Relocate to Tangxia new facilities. Employees 400 , sales revenue US$25 millions

2007~2008 Year

Setup in- house Driver and Cabinet fabrication

2005~2006 Year
Enter into Home Audio manufacturing. 300 employees , sales revenue US$12.5 millions
2000~2004 Year

2000~2004 after market car audio manufacturing. 

60 employees , sales , revenue US$6 millions